Character Creation

Characters start at lv 5
Epic Fantasy Point buy (25)
Templates and racial Level Adjustments can go up no higher than +2 LA
LA works differently in Awakening where +1 LA means losing 1 level in a class to make up for it (example being a level 2 Rogue level 1 Sorcerer Jeabrin)
Any Dragon related template/race is not allowed.
Nor Were-creatures
Double starting wealth (21000 gp for level 5) to spend however you wish.
No alignment restrictions
2 traits of your choice
1 campaign trait depending on what kingdom the PC comes from

Delium: Studious, Gain two Knowledge skills as class skills.
Haven: Haggler, Merchants and the like give you a better discounts when purchasing/selling items
Brig’sola: Tactical Genius, 1/Day Re roll one attack/skill/save roll and take the better result

No Psionics
3rd party material is case by case
Super Genius Games is banned

We will be using Gestalt rules explained in Unearthed Arcana

Character Creation

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