Clawed Gauntlet 4 GP
(Melee Martial Weapon 1d4 Slashing Damage Performance, Deadly. x3)

Hooked Gauntlet 10 GP
(Melee Exotic Weapon 1d4 Piercing Damage Grappling, x2)
The wielder of these hooked gauntlets can make a free grapple check upon a successful hit, they also use the hooked gauntlets damage dice when inflicting damage during a grapple in place of a regular unarmed strike (if your unarmed strike damage is higher, it uses that damage dice).

Pusher Gauntlet 8 GP
(Melee Exotic weapon 1d4 Fragile Slashing Damage, 19×2)
A pusher gauntlet holds up to four doses of poison in each claw, releasing a dose is a free action after successfully hitting the target.

Thunder Gauntlets 4 GP
Melee Exotic Martial Weapon 1d4 Bludgeoning Damage (18×2)
Each Thunder Gauntlet holds a Thunderstone, Thunder Gauntlets give a +4 on damage when sundering if the Thunderstone is active. In addition a user can use up the remaining energy inside a Thunderstone as a free action on the successful attack roll, the target must make a DC 15 fortitude save or be deafened for 1 hour. The wielder can also choose to expend both Thunderstones at the same time on a successful hit, the target must make a DC 20 fortitude save or be stunned for 1d4 rounds.
A user not proficient with the thunder gauntlets must make the save as the target when expending a Thunderstone. Setting a thunderstone in a gauntlet takes 1 minute per gauntlet.


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