“The Kingdom of Delium” is entirely ruled by humans and is commonly know as “Thinker’s Kingdom” thanks to the amount of philosophers and alchemists that have been made there.
The current ruler is “Philosopher King Cafran.”

“Haven” is less of a kingdom and more of a free state where money is power and power wins

“Brig’sola” is a shadow of it’s former self with most of it’s land razed to the ground during the last war and is too busy infighting with itself than anything else.
The current ruler is “Lord General Keld” a strong and viscous warrior.
The capital city is “Krestoco” an immovable fortress in the middle of Brig’sola.
In the Brig’sola lands, the west aptly called the “badlands” is primarily a lawless territory inhabited by Strix that shares an uneasy alliance with the kingdom. Past the badlands is the cursed forest "Izgrad home to many plants that can cure illness.

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