Half-Orc Druid/Monk. Lies are unacceptable.



Personal Reference-

Intimidating (Ex): Kazzarok gains a +2 to intimidation checks.
Orc Blood (Ex): Kazzarok is counted as both Human and Orc for anything effecting race.
Orc Ferocity (Ex): Once per day, when Kaz is brought below 0 hitpoints but not killed, he can fight for one more round as if Disabled and will become unconscious in the next turn if he is not healed and begins dying.
Orc Weapon Familiarity (Ex): Kaz is proficient in Greataxes and Falchions, and all other Orc weapons are treated as martial.

Disabled: A disabled character can make either; one move action at half-speed, or a standard action. The move action will be harmless, but the standard action (if the character’s hit points are not brought above 0) will cause the character to lose one hit point and begin dying.

Nature Bond= Plant Domain (Ex): Kaz has decided to take the Plant domain instead of an Animal Companion.
Plant Domain= Wooden Fist: As a free action, Kaz’s hands become hard as wood, covered in tiny thorns. This (not counting overlapping effects from other feats/class features) adds a bonus to the damage rolls equal to 1/2 Kaz’s Druid levels (I.E. 2 bonus). This can be used a number of rounds per day equal to 3+Kaz’s wisdom modifier (I.E. 5/Day).
Wild Empathy (Ex): Kaz can improve the disposition of an animal by rolling a d20 and adding his charisma modifier (-2) to the roll. Domestic animals tend to start as Indifferent while wild animals tend to be Unfriendly. Kaz and the animal must be in clear sight of each other within 30 feet.
Woodland Stride (Ex): Kaz may move over any sort of undergrowth at full speed without taking damage or suffering any impairment. Magical undergrowth manipulated to impede movement still applies.
Trackless Step (EX): Kaz leaves no trail and cannot be tracked unless he wants to.
Resist Nature’s Lure (EX): Kaz gains a +4 Bonus on saving throws to resist the spell-like and supernatural abilities of Fey. This also applies to spells and effects that would target plants, such as Blight, Entangle, Spike Growth, and Warp Wood.
Wild Shape (SU): Kaz can change himself into any one small or medium animal and back once per day. All animals are viable options. This functions like Beast Shape 1, except that it lasts one hour per Druid level or until Kaz decides to cancel it. Changing form is a Standard Action and provokes no Attacks of Opportunity. Kaz must be familiar with the animal to change into it. Kaz can only speak with other animals of the same type if he is in a Wild Shape.

Beast Shape 1: Small Animal forms gain a +2 Size bonus to Dexterity and +1 Bonus to Natural Armor, when Medium Animal forms gain a +2 Size bonus to Strength and +2 Bonus to Natural Armor.

Flurry of Blows (EX): Kaz can make a Flurry of Blows as a full-attack action. He can make an additional attack along with his first, using his Monk level as a BAB for this attack, as if he has the Two Weapon Fighting feat. This allows him to make two attacks in one round, at a penalty of -2 to both rolls.
Evasion (EX): If Kaz makes a successful Reflex Saving Throw on an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, he will take no damage instead. This does not apply while wearing anything heavier than Light armor or carrying a Medium or Heavy load. Kaz can’t use Evasion when Helpless.
Fast Movement (EX): Kaz gains an Enhancement Bonus to his speed.
Maneuver Training (EX): Kaz uses his Monk level instead of his Base Attack Bonus when determining his Combat Maneuver Bonus. Base Attack Bonuses from other classes are unaffected and added normally.
Ki Pool (SU): Kaz has a pool of Ki points he can spend on various actions. This pool is equal to 1/2 his Monk level + his Wisdom modifier (4), along with any bonuses from Vows. In a Swift Action, Kaz can spend one Ki point to make a Ki Strike, make an additional strike at his highest Base Attack Bonus in a Flurry of Blows, increase his speed by 20 for 1 round, or gain a +4 Dodge bonus to AC for one round. Ki Points are returned after 8 hours of rest, though these hours don’t have to be consecutive.
High Jump (EX): Kaz can add his Monk level to all Acrobatics checks to Jump. He always counts as having a running start, and can spend 1 Ki to increase his Acrobatics by 20 for one round.
Purity of Body (EX): Kaz is immune to all diseases; mundane, magical, supernatural, or otherwise.

Ki Pool: As per the Qinggong Monk Archetype, Kaz does not have the Still Mind or Slow Fall class features, and instead can use 1 Ki to use the spell True Strike as a free action, granting +20 bonus to the next attack roll.
Vows: Kaz has taken the Vow of Fasting, vowing to only ever eat bland rice or otherwise bland food in small portions and abstain from drugs and eating or drinking anything else (including Potions and other alchemical substances) to gain a bonus to his Ki Pool, increasing the pool size by 1/3 levels. Kaz has also taken the Vow of Truth, wherein he is not allowed to lie, bend the truth, withhold truthful information for the sake of deception, exaggerate, and so on. Kaz is only allowed to remain completely silent if exposing the truth would bring harm to another. Kaz gains another Ki Pool bonus because of this, increasing his total pool by 1/5 Levels.

Kaz’s total Ki Pool is 6 points.


Improved Unarmed Strike: Kaz does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity when fighting unarmed, and can deal either Lethal or Nonlethal damage at his choosing.
Stunning Fist: Kaz forces a foe to make a Fortitude saving throw equal to 10 + 1/2 Kaz’s total Character Level + Kaz’s Wisdom Modifier (Dc: 14) in addition to taking damage normally. A defender that fails this save is stunned until just before Kaz’s next turn. Kaz can use Stunning Fist 6/Day. Kaz can also simply Fatigue the defender if he so chooses.
Dodge: Kaz can choose one opponent to gain a +1 Dodge bonus to AC against.
Improved Grapple: Kaz does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity when grappling, and gains a +2 bonus on Grapple checks and Combat Maneuver Defense checks to avoid being grappled.
Weapon Focus: Unarmed: Kaz gains +1 on all attack rolls made with Unarmed weapons.
Tiger Style: Kaz uses this Combat Style, gaining a +2 Bonus on Combat Maneuver Defense against Bull Rush, Overrun, and Trip maneuvers. He can also deal Slashing damage with his unarmed attacks, and unarmed slashing critical attacks cause the opponent to bleed for 1d4 damage for the following two turns.



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